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A weekend in Ottawa

May 26, 2012

This past weekend, my love and I celebrated our anniversary with a mini getaway to our nation’s capital.

Day 1

Starting off our trip with a visit to the Parliament buildings…

The Peace Tower

I never noticed this before! How cool is it that the front entrance of our Parliament Buildings has a unicorn!

The Library building peaking out

I can never resist trying on a good hat… I think his is a bit big for me though

The Man. Sir John A. Macdonald

Happy Birthday Queen Victoria!

The locks at the base of the Rideau Canal

Paying our respects at the National War Memorial

Day 2

We walked across The Interprovincial Bridge into Hull, Quebec to visit The Canadian Museum of Civilization

The beautiful view of Ottawa from outside the museum on the other side of the river.

Looking up at the intricately painted ceiling in one of the museum’s atriums.

This striking whale sculpture demands attention.

The Canadian Museum of Civilization has an extensive selection of First Nations Peoples artifacts, my favourite and most ambitous exhibit is their collection of giant totem poles from the Pacific coastal tribes that are on display in The Grand Hall…

Later that night…

We went on one of the Ottawa Haunted Walk tours that took us through the Old Carleton County Jail (which is now the Ottawa Jail Hostel, owned by Hosteling International)

Grates were secured between the gap in the stairwell at every floor to prevent prisoners from committing suicide

The 8th floor had been left in its original condition. Here I’m standing inside a single cell, just big enough to fit a bed and that’s it. I could barely breath while standing in there, I felt panicked and couldn’t wait to get out… this is the most haunted area of the building…

Death Row. The doorway at the end once had heavy metal double doors but were removed for safety reasons… they would violently slam shut on their own without warning, locking in or severely injuring hostel employees (someone actually lost a finger when the doors slammed on them!)… very creepy

The last working gallows in Canada

A very cool way to bring our weekend away to a close. Sweet dreams before a long scenic drive home.

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