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CONTACT featured exhibition by Jill Greenberg

May 22, 2012

If you are heading out to check out some of Scotiabank’s CONTACT Photography Festival, you must hit up the Ossington strip, especially O’born Contemporary

This gallery is exhibiting a stunning series by the infamous Jill Greenberg called Glass Ceiling. Here are a few of my favs…

The images are so striking! The colours and the subject matter are visually beautiful but with a very strong voice. Jill Greenberg is know for making a statement and making no apologies for it (which I love!) and this series is no exception. Inspired by a quote from Sandra Lee Bartky…

“The disciplinary project of femininity is a setup, it requires such radical and extensive bodily transformation, that a woman is destined in some degree to fail.”

… this thesis is demonstrated through the awkward movements captured of the¬†synchronized swim troupe trying to do their routine while wearing heels. She is also making a bold statement about the objectification of women…

“‘Glass Ceiling’ marks for me the return to my explorations throughout the 90’s of the depiction of the female body as if directly channeled from the male psyche. In these images, the identities have become inconsequential as their heads are cut off, the sexualized bodies are the focus.” (excerpt from artist statement)

Click here to read the full artist statement and to see learn more about Jill Greenberg’s other works visit her website here.

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