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Aberfoyle Antique Market

May 3, 2012

This past Sunday, my boyfriend and I took a drive east out of Toronto, towards Guelph, to the season opening of the wonderful outdoors Aberfoyle Antique Market!

This place was a goldmine! We were blown away by what we found there, I really had to keep myself in-check. We spent the entire day digging through kitchy nostalgia and historical relics, our creative minds racing with D.I.Y. and decorating ideas – I love that my bf gets just as excited as me about this stuff!

Here’s a few photos to give you an idea of why I’m so excited about this place – and why this is going to become our default summer weekend activity!

Look at this china pattern! Absolutely stunning!

Some may find this creepy, but I grew up in family with a deep rooted appreciation for antique dolls, so spotting this beauty was so exciting!

Thrown in a pile with a bunch of tools was this barber’s relic. Not sure the year, but it looks like one of the first models of electric powered clippers! It weighed a ton.

How cool is this old school house desk!!!

I found a lot of old Singers there, but this one had a lot of ornate details and still had a working electric pedal.

Soooo many cool trunks! I wanted to take them all home!

This beautifully ornate wrought iron set looks so dainty and delicate, but completely sturdy and indestructible.

Look at this desk! The details are incredible!

Now for a look at what I brought home…

A few adorably kitchy mix&match Pyrex mugs to complete the set my boyfriend had.

This exquisite evening purse tightly hand beaded with no missing beads, immaculate brass clasp and pristine hand sewn lining, still with manufacturer’s original tag.

This is the treasure from our trip! The iconic Good Housekeeping Cook Book from 1942-3! The cover clean and well kept, the pages still crisp!

The center of the book had a section of blue pages, I first thought might be recipe photos. To my surprise, when I opened it up, it was a  complete section of tips and recipes devoted to making the most of household wartime food rations! This was an unbelievable find and a piece of history that only set me back $2!

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