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Handmade Holiday Gift Guide

December 7, 2011

I have been severely M.I.A. at pins&needles. Juggling a budding clothing line, restaurant gig, and attempting to maintain a life has resulted in this wonderful little blog falling by the way side. No matter! Let’s pick it back up with a showcase of finely handcrafted goods!

The holidays are approaching and I’m actually finished my shopping! *gasp* *shock* Now that I’m done, I’m feeling a bit of  gift shopping withdrawal, which is why I’m prescribing myself with farming out my unique gift ideas. These one of a kind pieces are way more personal than any gift card, guaranteed to not be duplicated and shows some love to those fellow craftspeople – WINNING x 3!

For Him

billy would. belt buckle made from old skateboard deck.

Made in Canada

peace4you Messenger bag made from recycled italian duffle bag,
swiss-army blanket and used leather-jacket.

Made in Germany

Artech Glassblowing Studios beer glasses made from old beer bottles.

Made in Canada

backerton handmade super thin men’s leather wallet.

Made in USA

For Her

Jeanette Zeis Ceramics set of 2 handmade oversized tea cups and saucers.

Made in USA

bure bure hand-felted merino/alpaca wool slippers.

Made in Lithuania

Paper People Clothing mittens made from reclaimed sweaters (I have a pair <3 ).

Made in Canada

billy would.  reclaimed wood triple feather pendant necklace.

Made in Canada

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