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The not so seamless vest

February 28, 2011

My hopes for the vest to be a cake walk turned out to be just that – only hopes. I was able to get the design and pattern figured out in a day but it took me several tries to get it right. The bright side – the vest is super quick to cut and sew!

My original plan for this vest was for the front to extend and crisscross in the back with no side or shoulder seams, just one little back seam. I wanted no darts and didn’t want it to close, just wanted it to be a fun layering accessory. I manipulated the pattern to achieve what I wanted, put it on the judy and realized what I wanted wasn’t really want I wanted at all! The style of the vest didn’t look right without any shaping and I began to think “What’s the point of a vest that doesn’t close? People are going to expect and want it to be functional.” So I scraped the original plan and went back to square one.

I quickly drafted the front of the vest to have a single bust dart, cut it out, stuck it on the judy with a piece of fabric draped across the back so I could draw out the crisscross back.

I transfered the markings on to paper, blending it into the front pattern to make it seamless. I cut, sewed and put it on the judy again.

It looked much better, but still needed tweaking – there was some excess in the sides seam area,  I wanted to reshape the line of the front and add a bit to the front so it would meet a little easier. I made my adjustments and like deja vu, cut, sewed and fit on the judy holding my breath with all fingers and toes crossed. Finally I’m satisfied!

All I have to do for this now is make a final copy of the pattern and make the final sample. 4 down 2 to go!

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