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A little jersey dress

February 21, 2011

The past couple days, I’ve been working on a pretty jersey dress for my new collection.

Do to the soft draped details I intend for this dress I started by draping out the style on my judy (that’s designer lingo for dress form) instead of drafting it out first like I’m used to.

When I achieved the shape I wanted, I transfered my drape to paper, adjusted the measurements and made a rough pattern. I then cut it out of some left over jersey from a some long forgotten school project to test out the pattern. To my surprise and complete delight, it worked out perfectly the first try! It sewed up like a dream, everything matching up, nothing I needed to tweak and everything still fell exactly the way I wanted it to. So I wasted no time to draft out the lining layer. I made up a test of that too, which also turned out perfect. Then I clean finished the test to make sure it all fit together properly, and guess what… it did!

This test that was supposed to be nothing special has turned out super cute! Lucky for me, I’m sample size, so I just scored a cute new dress!

With the design details finalized, I leave you with the finished sketch of what the final sample will look like…

Stay tuned!

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  1. March 5, 2011 12:17 am

    ahhhhh your site is so inspiring!!! love to see things start at your GORGEOUS sketches and turn into actual clothing—–i wish that i could do that!!! love ittttt!!!

    ashley <3

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