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Inspiration: Mucha and Kawasaki

January 27, 2011

During my recent inspiration slump, I got back in touch with the root of how I got into fashion – Art. For the first time since high school I sat down and drew just for the pleasure of it with no intentions. I forgot how much I loved to draw! I have grown so accustomed to thinking of it as a chore, just a tedious but necessary step in the design process.

After a few rough sketches I began to revisit works from two of my favourite artists, Alphonse Mucha and Audrey Kawasaki, to inspire some more refined full colour drawings. Art Nouveau is my favourite time period for art (and fashion) and Alphonse Mucha is unmistakably the most iconic artist of that time. Audrey Kawasaki is a contemporary Japanese artist that uses similar art nouveau elements but twists it to her own more graphic, modern style. Both have a soft fluid aesthetic and mostly use dream like women as the subject matter. Very beautiful and reminiscent of fashion illustration, I have admired their work since I was a teenager and always find their pieces spark something inside me when I feel I’ve hit a wall.

Audrey Kawasaki

Alphonse Mucha

My drawings

Both drawings done with my favourite medium, Prismacolor markers. They’re not touched up on the computer at all but I’d love to play around with them in Photoshop to add some background and what not.

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