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Time for a fresh start

January 24, 2011

Hello my friends! My deepest apologise for abandoning the blog for far too long.

In all honesty, this new years season has brought on a lot of reflection, soul searching and difficult decisions. Such is life when you’re young and have a plethora of possibilities to choose from. I even had some doubts about pursuing my dreams in fashion. Instead, I realized I was loosing my energy, drive and inspiration while putting all my energy into working for another designer. My solution is to sadly put that incredible experience behind me and go all in on my own pursuit. Instantly I felt the rush of inspiration and can’t wait to get started! New sketches are soon to come to check back soon!

Something else that has kept me occupied over the holiday season, was my first foray into fashion shoot styling. The photographer, John Jones, who I modeled the Fossil watch for, asked me to style two photo shoots to help him expand his fashion portfolio. For my first go around it turned out pretty good, considering I also had to act as hair and make-up artist.



This shoot was done as a play on a lookbook shoot. I wanted to play up the simplicity by going completely achromatic.

Jacket: H&M (recent) Camisole: my own Skirt: custom by me Shoes: Forever21 (old)  Scarf: Ardene (old) Bracelets: Swarovski (crystal cuff), Betsey Johnson (black beaded) 


This one was all about more focused lighting for a more dramatic and elegant feel.

Dress: H&M (recent) Earrings: vintage

I had such a great time styling this that we are in talks about collaborating again on some more elaborate shoots, perhaps involving a large dramatic couture gown I have yet to make!

The future looks exciting, so stay tuned my lovelies :)


Photography: John Jones –


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