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Mission: Lanvin for H&M – ACCOMPLISHED!

November 20, 2010

That’s right. I was one of those crazy people that lined up to get my hands on the Lanvin collection for H&M.

The plan seemed pretty straight forward – get up before the sun, head over to the closest location, hope we’re there early enough to come out with something decent. It turned out to be anything but…

My BBF, Melanie, and I figured it would be a safe bet to avoid the flagship H&M location in the heart of downtown Toronto’s Eaton Center and stake out a location just north of the city and conveniently closer to home. When we arrived, shortly after 7am, there was already quite a line, but it didn’t seem to bad. Wrist bands were given out to everyone in different colours to determine our 20 minute shopping time slot.  The first group went in at 8am and our time slot was 12pm – that is when the anxiety started.

The collection area was a lot smaller than expected, but we were assured by staff earlier that there was enough merch to go around, so we just figured they must periodically replenish…

Nope. Staff start striping the mannequins to appease the glutenous shoppers, while my heart was breaking.

Just before the third group was to be unleashed, a staff member announced that the skimpy remnants were all that was left but they received an update from the flagship store that they had a plethora of product and the line ups were shorter than expected. With no debating we rushed to the subway to make our way downtown to check it out.

The shopping area was 3 times the size, everyone seemed a lot more chilled out and respectful of the collection, and there were staff constantly popping up bringing arm loads of merchandise to replenish – hope was restored! Even after waiting a couple hours for our turn I still got the dress I wanted in the size I wanted and a cute embellished t-shirt.

All in all, not a bad out come. Even with the roller coaster of emotions and running around, I would totally do it again. Fingers crossed for Galliano!

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  1. Faizaj349 permalink
    November 21, 2010 12:52 am

    wow! thanks for the intimate look into the store. there isn’t an h&m near my house, so i’m definitely going to have to wait awhile :(.

  2. November 24, 2010 8:26 am

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