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The rest of my Caribbean finds

September 4, 2010

From fine jewels to handmade local treasures. At every port you can expect carts and booths spilling over with local crafts and trinkets made especially for your tourist dollars.

In St. Maarten I bought this beautiful Larimar and silver bracelet from a very tanned French woman’s cart not far off the pier.

All over the Caribbean, I found this stone being sold in fine jewelry stores labeled as ” the stone of the Caribbean” as it  is a very rare stone only found in a volcanic region in the Dominican Republic. Such jewelry retailers were selling pieces for hundreds of dollars, but my handcrafted piece was only $40.

In Turks and Caicos, I also bought a unique handcrafted piece.

This ring made from a hollowed out shell is the coolest thing! I’m not much of a ring wearer but this piece makes such a bold statement on my hand and is so lightweight and fits so comfortably I don’t want to take it off!

Besides jewelry, my favourite souvenirs and gifts to bring back from a trip are food. St. Maarten is where the guavaberry originates from so naturally you can find just about anything made from the fruit. I brought back the most delicious guavaberry papaya BBQ sauce, I could drink it straight from the bottle! Also in St. Maarten as well as St. Thomas is The Belgian Chocolate Factory. Dreamy and decadent Belgian chocolates are handmade on site (you can watch the chocolatiers working behind a pane of glass) and are ready and waiting for you to assemble your perfect box of chocolates. Be prepared to stand dumbfounded with the worst case of indecision as you try to make your selections.

Last but not least, the most signature souvenir of the Caribbean is Tortuga Rum Cake. This delicious bunt sponge cake completely saturated in Tortuga rum is found absolutely everywhere in the islands, with shops displaying the many flavours, sizes and multi-packs in floor to ceiling displays. You just can’t help but bring a few home to enjoy with family and friends with a generous scoop of ice cream while you tell them all about your amazing trip.

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