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My own Passman black coral collectibles!

September 1, 2010

My second luxury purchase of the trip were these black coral earings by the late Bernard K Passman.

They are clean and classic but still fun and completely perfect! I love that you can see the fine spiral of the coral’s natural growth rings in each drop. It’s that natural touch that makes it truly one of a kind. Since the passing of Bernard Passman in 2007, every piece whether large or small, expensive or affordable, is considered a collectible, and I’m very excited that I now have my own little piece of fashion and art history.

Black coral artist, Bernard K Passman, was a prized treasure of the Caribbean. When Passman moved to the Cayman Islands, already an accomplished sculptor, he discovered the extremely rare black coral that grows far beneath the ocean’s surface only in that region of the Caribbean, and in the ’70’s began exclusively working with the material. He was the first to do so, having his techniques for transforming this rough material into high gloss ebony gems patented. With high profile commissions such as a 97 piece black coral and silver tableware set gifted to Prince Charles and Princess Diana for their wedding, and  a 21 ft. tall sculpture for the White House, he had garnered international acclaim.

His highly detailed whimsical sculptures and high style jewelry collections demonstrate the versatility of the beautiful coral. Some pieces are flawless deep black, looking much like onyx, while others showcase the coral’s natural “flaws” such as stripes of toffee brown or spiral growth rings. There are only a handful of exclusive galleries you can view and buy his timeless collectible pieces, most of which are spotted throughout the Caribbean and the largest collection residing in St. Thomas where I bought my fabulous earings. Below are some snapshots of pieces in the gallery I visited, but to see more of his stunning works of art, visit the Bernard K Passman website.


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