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Up close and personal with Alexander Wang

July 21, 2010

I had a super exciting day.

Today I met Alexander Wang!

Alexander Wang was doing a meet-and-greet at the high end retailer, Holt Renfrew, to promote his F/W 2010 collection, and I waited in line with droves of fans, to get the chance to meet this wonder-boy.

Pieces on display from his F/W ’10 collection

For me, Alexander is such an inspiration. Having only launched his label in ’07, straight after graduating from Parsons School of Design, and only 3 years older than myself, has achieved such success and reached an elite status that takes most decades to achieve! To me, I believe the appeal of his clothes is his innovative mastery of juxtaposition. His designs are both simple yet intricate, clean yet grungy, young but classic, feminine and masculine. He has his finger on the pulse of of what’s hot in fashion by admitting to take inspiration from the young and stylish, and that’s why we love him.

When I went up and introduced myself, adding what an inspiration he is to me, he was so sweet and humble, clearly adorably embarrassed by all the attention he was receiving. While most fans were completely awestruck, nervously rushing to snap a pic, I stayed cucumber cool and for the sake of you aspiring designers out there, asked him a couple quick questions. He was obviously not expecting to be put on the spot, but graciously did his best.

Was there any advise you received when you were starting out that really helped you out? (laughs) Umm, no not really. I didn’t really get any advise. I wish I did! I kinda did it all on my own.

Is there anyone who helped you out when you were starting? My family, for sure! I wouldn’t have made it without their help.

Is there any advise you’d have for aspiring designers out there? Just keep pushing. Don’t give up.

I thanked him, took a photo, he wished me luck with my endeavors and I let the next groupie have their moment. It wasn’t until then, as I was walking away that the whole situation hit me. I JUST MET/TALKED/TOUCHED ALEXANDER WANG!!! I was on such a high for the rest of the day! I can’t say enough about what an inspiration he is to me – I only hope to achieve half of what he has by the time I’m 26!

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  1. July 21, 2010 10:36 pm

    OMG OMG OMG!!!!! This is so amazing… I worked the day shift today and I couldn’t get out of it! I wanted to meet him so bad! I am so jealous!!! What an amazing experience in your life! Love it!


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