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RootsXDouglasCoupland ?

July 14, 2010

I keep finding articles everywhere about the new collaboration between the iconic Canadian mega brand Roots and the equally mega, iconic and Canadian, author and artist Douglas Coupland. Off the bat, people are raving about what a natural pairing the endeavor is, but my first reaction was “What?” It’s hard to miss the irony, that the writer who’s claim to fame was poking fun at pop culture and our North American culture’s dependence on consumerism, has partnered with the most recognizable Canadian brand to create a clothing line. It sort of makes one want to scratch their head, doesn’t it? Perhaps utter the phrase “Sell-out”?

But wait a tick, we have to stop and remember Coupland is not only the writer of a generation, he is an artist passionate about expressing his voice in different mediums. And how do most of us voice our own creative expression? Through our clothes. So in the end it indeed does seem to be the perfect match.

The collection itself, I am actually going a bit crazy over, as a fan of both Douglas Coupland as well as Roots. Coupland’s collection gives a much over due jolt to the classic lifestyle brand. His vision was to update the outdated Canadian icons of Mounties and Beavers, for something we can relate to in the 21st Century. The inspiration is the technology that has connected us together and become a part of our lives, which is translated in the TV Test pattern graphic, the motherboard print, and hydro tower shaped badges. Overall, it’s a hip collection of graphic basics that make a statement.

Anniversary Jacket Regina, featuring a collection of new badges of Canadiana

TV Test Pattern T-shirt Dress

Douglas Coupland Signature T-shirt

The Beaver gets an update with a glow in the dark linear rendering

Visit to view the entire collection.

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