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1, 2, 3, 4, I’m all done and ready for more!

June 16, 2010

Yesterday I finished the final piece to my micro summer collection – a scrumptious paper-bag style skirt. Made of the jacquard polka dot cotton and lined in broadcloth, it is the only piece I made that will be available in different sizes of small, medium and large.

The other pieces were cut in a way that they could fit and flatter multiple shapes and sizes depending on how a person wore it, but with the skirt it would be hard to maintain the same ratio of fullness between a large range of sizes. The S, M, L size groupings are still quite generous, with the back waist of the skirt elasticized and the front cinched in with a drawstring, it can fit multiple waist sizes within the range.

I chose to make my collection mostly one size fits most, to simplify the process. This is my first time producing items for sale and not having to worry about grading different sizes, while I’m just getting my feet wet, will be a huge advantage. This also gives me some time to figure out what size ranges I want to offer along with what measurements I want to spec to – there are many different body types amongst us females and it’s a tricky business figuring out who you want to cater to. All the advice I’ve been given from other designers has been to keep it simple. Don’t make too many pieces, and make sure there’s no filler. Do what you can handle or else it will never get done or you’ll waste a lot of time (and money) with little pay out in the end. So I kept is bare bones without being boring (I hope) and I’m ready to move on to the next step! Unfortunately, that next step is a photo shoot and my wonderfully talented photographer sister is gallivanting in Australia until the end of the month. So until she gets back, I’ll sit tight and start figuring out how to go about opening my own Etsy shop, coming up with a brand concept and logo, perhaps even register my business name. There seems to be tons to keep me busy and tons to keep you posted on, so stay tuned, we’re just getting started!

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