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I wish I was on a beach…

April 27, 2010

I am seriously jonesing for summer. Not just summer, but a disgustingly hot summer perfect for laying around in the sun and splashing in the water.  To indulge in my fantasy of sunbathing, my sister and I went bathing suit shopping at our favourite shop for the best swim suit finds, the romance boutique Dick and Jane. It’s in Richmond Hill right on Yonge Street, just north of Center Street, so if you are in the GTA you have to hit up this place. A great selection of super cute swim wear (not to mention LOTS of lingerie and naughty additions to your bedroom) at the best prices – 2 for $50!

Dick and Jane Romance Boutique - click to view site

This first bikini, as I was carrying it to the change room, the sales woman warned me “This is our skimpiest bikini. Just wanted to let you know, so you’re not shocked when you put it on” Eeek, that made me a little nervous, and was convinced I wouldn’t like it. Surprise! It looked super cute, but I definitely saw what she meant by skimpy. The bottoms are SUPER low rise and cut more Brazilian style in the back (slimmer coverage as opposed to full), which was surprisingly flattering. The cups were also significantly smaller, but as a proud card carrying member of the Itty-Bitty-Titty-Committee, it was perfect – no baggy excess fabric.

The second bikini I bought is in an adorable Burberry-inspired plaid I couldn’t resist. The cut was very flattering, with a little more coverage than the first.

A good rule of thumb when going to try on bathing suits is to go for a size up from what you wear in normal clothes, because they are often made a little smaller. String bikinis are a bit of an exception, since they are obviously very adjustable. For example, the white print bikini I got in my usual size, but the other one I went a size up because the ribcage strap isn’t adjustable. For many women, this is a dreaded mission that leaves them deflated  and depressed. The hardest part is to not focus on the wobbly bits you may not be proud of. Let’s face it, swim suits are naturally revealing, so everyone else who’s wearing one is showing off their “flaws” too. The key is to make sure your suit fits well (nothing cutting in or nothing bagging) and find the cut that flatters you, which is why you need to try EVERYTHING on. You never know what’s going to work until you try.

Unfortunately, all this swim suit shopping did was  elevate my craving for hot sandy beaches – Mexico anyone?

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