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My cut-off quest has come to an end!

April 18, 2010

I have to start by saying, I have always had the hardest time finding perfectly fitting jean shorts. I think the last time I owned a pair was when I was 12, and since then it has been like trying to find the holy grail. They’re too short, or too long, or fit in the waist but with a serious case of baggy bum, or ass looks great but the leg opening are causing nasty sausage thighs. Years ago, I completely gave up on my search, until the recent warm weather has me fantasizing about sweltering summer days and how hot a great pair of cut-offs would look. Friday my search began, and only after 3 failed attempts, today my search ended at H&M where I found the perfect pair of distressed denim shorts! I had high hopes for H&M, since last year they provided me with the most flattering cuffed cotton shorts I have ever worn. They’re not too tight, not too loose, just short enough and the derrière c’est magnifique!

I feel a responsibility to make a public service announcement: Please steer clear from cut-offs that look like denim underwear! Just Say No to too short, too tight, and obviously not made for anyone who’s thighs actually touch. I have to say to the women of the world that are wearing shorts like this “Burn them!” These are not meant to be worn by anyone past the age of 16 – it is just wrong and everyone is secretly making fun of you. Take your time when trying to find your perfect pair. If you don’t trust your judgment, bring a friend you can trust to be brutally honest, because none of us want to look like a broke-down Britney.

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