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Mission:Clean-up Complete

April 14, 2010

My sewing area at home, or the “sweat-shop” as I affectionately call it, is tucked into a corner of my basement. This space has been virtually untouched while I was working full time, and was transformed into a dumping ground for every household resident’s crap.  Since I am expecting to spend a lot more time down there, it was time to throw out the junk and clean up the tent of cobwebs over everything. It took me all of last week to go through everything and I couldn’t believe all the things I had been hanging on to. I had drapes and drafts and muslins from first year college and scraps of incoherent school notes that I obviously kept for “just in case.” After the purge came the cleaning of the basement grim, which was an excellent exercise of my mind-over-matter skills while I reached in and dusted areas I’ve had nightmares about and vacuumed up piles of dead bugs tangled in cobwebs. It was a dirty job, but now my space feels a little less like a dungeon. I christened it early this week, by starting on one of the various alteration assignments I have recently taken on. It feels so great getting back into the swing of things and listening to the beautiful roaring hum of my Juki.

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