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Store Profile: One Earth Collection

July 4, 2012

I have just come back from an excellent time away visiting my Dad in Pemberton, British Columbia (a lovely little town just outside Whistler). I can’t possibly express how much I love this place, and now there is an excellent shop that makes me love it even more!

One Earth Collection is a wonderful cornucopia of ethical, eco and locally made merchandise, sooo up my alley! I spent so much time looping around, every time finding something new that caught my eye.

I unfortunately left empty handed (only because I just couldn’t decide what to bring home!) but here are some pieces I am considering telling my Dad to ship home to me:

Gorgeous hand crafted leather cinch belt by Love Jules Leather

Stunning earrings made out of real butterfly wing by Asterlea

Just about everything, especially the big totes by Twig Prints

The next time you travel to Whistler for a ski getaway or a mountain bike adventure, take a 30 minute car ride up highway 99 to Pemberton and visit this lovely store! Support local artists!


Store Profile: Trustfund

May 31, 2012

I found the greatest store while I was in Ottawa!

Trustfund, is the cutest store on the edge of the Byward Market at 493 Sussex Drive. The adorable squirrel sign, cheeky name and vibrant window display made it impossible for me to just pass it by without taking a peak.

This is so my kind of store! If I was to open  my own store it would probably be a lot like like this.

Everything about this store demonstrates the art of balance. Modern and clean looks more laid back with rustic accents (but they don’t over do it, either) and the merchandise is very accessibly and well organized yet somehow still appears to be casually eclectic. I love how the women’s clothes were grouped to create a rainbow gradient along the rack!

Okay, so maybe I’m a bit crazy in pointing out all the fine details in the stores merchandising style, while most of you reading this are like, “Get on with it! What goodies can I get there?” Sorry I can’t help it, I’m in the industry and these things excite me, but I shall digress…

The clothes were soooo up my alley! Feminine but with guts (you saw all that colour in the photo?), so many fun prints, excellently flattering and easy wear silhouettes… Trustfund’s buyer has wicked taste! My favourite pieces were from Velvet, Gentle Fawn, Yumi Kim, and Plenty by Tracy Reese.

Other than clothes and denim for both women and men, the vast selection of accessories completed the whole package. I was so excited by the huge assortment of Matt & Nat bags (which are my favourite!), they have most if not all of the new collection!

So please, next time you find yourself in Ottawa, make a pit stop to Trustfund. I’m sure you’ll want to hang out all day.

A weekend in Ottawa

May 26, 2012

This past weekend, my love and I celebrated our anniversary with a mini getaway to our nation’s capital.

Day 1

Starting off our trip with a visit to the Parliament buildings…

The Peace Tower

I never noticed this before! How cool is it that the front entrance of our Parliament Buildings has a unicorn!

The Library building peaking out

I can never resist trying on a good hat… I think his is a bit big for me though

The Man. Sir John A. Macdonald

Happy Birthday Queen Victoria!

The locks at the base of the Rideau Canal

Paying our respects at the National War Memorial

Day 2

We walked across The Interprovincial Bridge into Hull, Quebec to visit The Canadian Museum of Civilization

The beautiful view of Ottawa from outside the museum on the other side of the river.

Looking up at the intricately painted ceiling in one of the museum’s atriums.

This striking whale sculpture demands attention.

The Canadian Museum of Civilization has an extensive selection of First Nations Peoples artifacts, my favourite and most ambitous exhibit is their collection of giant totem poles from the Pacific coastal tribes that are on display in The Grand Hall…

Later that night…

We went on one of the Ottawa Haunted Walk tours that took us through the Old Carleton County Jail (which is now the Ottawa Jail Hostel, owned by Hosteling International)

Grates were secured between the gap in the stairwell at every floor to prevent prisoners from committing suicide

The 8th floor had been left in its original condition. Here I’m standing inside a single cell, just big enough to fit a bed and that’s it. I could barely breath while standing in there, I felt panicked and couldn’t wait to get out… this is the most haunted area of the building…

Death Row. The doorway at the end once had heavy metal double doors but were removed for safety reasons… they would violently slam shut on their own without warning, locking in or severely injuring hostel employees (someone actually lost a finger when the doors slammed on them!)… very creepy

The last working gallows in Canada

A very cool way to bring our weekend away to a close. Sweet dreams before a long scenic drive home.

CONTACT featured exhibition by Jill Greenberg

May 22, 2012

If you are heading out to check out some of Scotiabank’s CONTACT Photography Festival, you must hit up the Ossington strip, especially O’born Contemporary

This gallery is exhibiting a stunning series by the infamous Jill Greenberg called Glass Ceiling. Here are a few of my favs…

The images are so striking! The colours and the subject matter are visually beautiful but with a very strong voice. Jill Greenberg is know for making a statement and making no apologies for it (which I love!) and this series is no exception. Inspired by a quote from Sandra Lee Bartky…

“The disciplinary project of femininity is a setup, it requires such radical and extensive bodily transformation, that a woman is destined in some degree to fail.”

… this thesis is demonstrated through the awkward movements captured of the synchronized swim troupe trying to do their routine while wearing heels. She is also making a bold statement about the objectification of women…

“‘Glass Ceiling’ marks for me the return to my explorations throughout the 90’s of the depiction of the female body as if directly channeled from the male psyche. In these images, the identities have become inconsequential as their heads are cut off, the sexualized bodies are the focus.” (excerpt from artist statement)

Click here to read the full artist statement and to see learn more about Jill Greenberg’s other works visit her website here.

Leonard Cohen a fine artist too?

May 17, 2012

On my way to work the other day, I stumbled upon this pop up gallery in the middle of Brookfield Place. To my surprise it was a collection of beautiful and graphic prints made by Leonard Cohen. I knew Mr. Cohen to be a master music icon, but who knew he’s had his hand in visual arts as well! What a wonderful way to start my work day…

CONTACT Featuered Exhibition: Frames of the Visible

May 15, 2012

Here’s another Scotiabank CONTACT photography festival exhibition that blew me away!

Currently featured at the Stephen Bulger Gallery (1026 Queen St W, Toronto) Frames of the Visible is a series by artist Sanaz Mazinani, where she takes media images and collages them in a way to create the most stunning patterns, I can imagine them screen printed to make wonderful printed textiles…

Living With War

Together We Are

Redacted March

Gorgeous, right? Then you step in closer to see the detail and are blown away by what you are really looking at…

Living With War  (detail)

Together We Are (detail)

Redacted March (detail)

This series has so much impact and undeniably thought provoking it really must be experienced in person, so make sure you add it to your CONTACT itinerary.

CONTACT at The Gladstone

May 10, 2012

For the month of May, CONTACT Photography Festival turns the city of Toronto into a photo gallery, with photography exhibitions set up all over the city for people to visit for FREE! I love photography and find it inspires me a lot, so this is a fun event I will be visiting to spark my creativity.

My boy friend and I kicked off our CONTACT touring at The Gladstone Hotel (a landmark of Toronto’s arts community). I took some snapshots of some of the pieces that really stood out to me…

by: Chris Ironside

I’m not sure who the photographer is, but I loved how they tacked up these cityscapes into the nooks of the old hotel’s architecture.

By: Alice Zilberberg

By: Anna Keenan

By: Genevieve Blais

by: Matthew Fung

By: Robert Quance

Dreamy images created by taking photos of old cigarette cases from the 1920’s and 30’s through a multifaceted glass pendant.